Account Application & Forms


Securities-Backed Line of Credit Application.  Please work with the client(s) to fill out the application completely.  Incomplete applications will delay processing and may be returned.  

Additional Information Required For:

  • Business Application Documentation Matrix Be sure to include all documentation as outlined in the matrix found in the Application, when applicable.  
  • Trust Application - Trustee Certification/Affidavit for SBLOCs - There are additional components of the SBLOC account-opening process when trusts are involved that financial advisors need to know.  Following the guidelines outlined in the Quick Card for Trusts can help expedite account opening and activation.

If during the application review we request additional verification, please refer to our List of Approved Documents.


ACH Loan Payment Authorization Form

Affidavit of Unauthorized ACH

Affidavit of Forged or Altered Check

Change of Contact Information

Interest Capitalization Form

Request to Add or Change Third-Party Statement Recipient

Resolution for Facsimile

Stop Payment

Treasurer's Check Request Form For Securities-Backed Line of Credit

Wire Request Form for Securities Backed Line of Credit (Domestic & International)

Forms are also available at